Hey there, I’m Chryssomally!

Island-born, Greece-raised, I’ve always had a passion for colors, the sea, and all things handmade. From drawing to crafting clothes, sculpting to decorating, I’ve explored every corner of the art world.

I ventured to Thessaloniki for a degree in mass media and communication, but my heart had different plans. Fashion design and styling beckoned, and I couldn’t resist taking a second degree. During those transformative years, I fell head over heels for statement jewelry that speaks volumes about individuality.

The irresistible urge to share my vision pushed me to leave my day job behind and embrace my inner artist. Inspired by the glorious 80s, architecture, nature, tribal cultures, and the magic of music, I embarked on my own jewelry journey.

My mission? To redefine gemstone jewelry, infusing it with timeless elegance and ageless allure. I take high-quality materials and craft them into wearable works of art that celebrate your uniqueness.

Each piece you’ll find here is a product of my passion. I meticulously design and handcraft them, using carefully selected gemstones, hand-sculpted clay, and top-notch materials. Every detail matters, and every creation tells a story.

What sets me apart? I thrive on designing pieces that reflect your personality and style. Your individuality is my muse, so step into my colorful world and explore. Feel free to reach out for custom orders that will delight you and your loved ones!

Thank you for visiting and supporting my small business. Together, we make art wearable.